Production The Amazing Maurice

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The Amazing Maurice

Stim Studio has worked on the feature film The Amazing Maurice, directed by Toby Genkel and Florian Westermann, from a screenplay by Terry Rossio, based on the 2001 novel The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents by Terry Pratchett.







Kids & Family


Animation, Adventure, Comedy



Maurice is a sassy, street-smart cat with a sneaky disposition. Together with his band of rats and pied-piper friend Keith, he travels across the countryside, swindling villagers with a staged rat plague. All seems well when the gang sets its sights on a scenic market town, though they quickly realize that something more nefarious is afoot.




Maurice is a proud cat who likes to be called “Maureece” but is actually “Morris”. He tells everybody he is the star of the film because it is named after him. At least, we let him think that’s how it is. Maurice starts out selfish but, by the end of the story, he will have sacrificed himself to save one of the rats. Of course, being a cat, he has nine lives, so how many does he have left when he makes the sacrifice? Oh dear, he’s lost count.


That can’t be good...






Our heroine. She is very smart, sharp, cunning and weird. Close to genius, but also close to insanity. Certainly, for her, the line between reality and a story is blurred, very blurred at times - most of the times... The idea of failing or getting hurt doesn’t occur to her, this is a story and they always have a happy end! She’s a mad professor. 




Keith has perhaps the biggest arc in the narrative! He starts off a little hapless, lost, a musician happy to play his pipe to earn a living (okay, it’s part of a pied piper rat plague scam, but Keith can live with that), but ends up the hero of the piece AND he wins the girl. How did that happen?




Here he is! The actual Pied Piper. And he’s as crazy as a basket of sharks. DO NOT TRUST HIM. DO NOT GO ANYWHERE NEAR HIS HOUSE in the Dark Woods. Except, Malicia and Keith do, in a bid to steal the pipe so that they might have a chance in the final showdown to take on the Rat King...