Production RKGK - Rakugaki

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RKGK - Rakugaki

Discover Stim Studio's latest collaboration with Eddy (Agency) on the vibrant video game, Rakugaki - RKGK. This project was a thrilling challenge that required us to blend artistic direction seamlessly between 2D and 3D effects, ensuring it matched the style they wanted to develop for their video game.


Set in the color-drained cityscape of Cap City, RKGK thrusts players into a creative rebellion led by Valah and her crew, armed with spray cans to defeat Mr. Buff and restore vibrancy against B Corp's monochrome conformity.


Client:  Eddy

S T I M:

Lookdev Supervisor: Jordan Soler
Rig Supervisor: Benoit Gielly
Modeling Supervisor: Felix Ferrand
Production manager: Célésine Giraud
CG artists:  Alicia Sabot, Edouard Thorel, Elina Roux, Fabien Taxil, Lucas Thiaffey, Paul Kupelian, Alexandre Plagne, Michael Larue,Severin Valran, Niels Dervieux