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Octicorn, a 7-year-old half unicorn, half octopus, is hesitant and often concerned about almost everything. He captures the internal struggles of today’s young people and models positive coping skills.









Adventure, Comedy, Animation



Octicorn is on a journey to figure out all the feelings he has and what to do when they don’t feel so good. Octi explores the nerves, stress, glee, delight and all feelings kids experience, and models’ different skills to give our audience a toolset to help them cope.  


Hello, my name is Octicorn


Based on the successful book series “Hello, my name is Octicorn” this is a CGI

series for anyone who has ever felt a little different.








For anyone who has ever felt different...



Or ... Confused, excited, anxious, happy, scared, awkward....


....silly, loved, sad, surprised, peaceful, angry....

.... or weird.



Emotional Color Wheel

Since Octi is half octopus (and octopi can naturally change their color) sometimes his color will naturally change, based on his feelings. These momentary color shifts are based on the emotional color wheel.





In every episode, Octi will explore different feelings and coping skills. Things that make his friends happy or sad may not be the same things that make Octi happy or sad... and all that is OK. Octi is on a journey to figure out all the feelings he has and what to do when they don’t feel so good. 




A super eager carefree woodchuck. Chuck is perpetually optimistic and a little offbeat. She’s strong, athletic, and happy to have found a best friend in Octi. Chuck is a good listener and supportive. She doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. She sees the good in other characters and in any situation... maybe to a fault.
Chuck doesn’t have any social anxieties; she’s never blushed in her life. She offers a mix of helpful and silly suggestions whenever Octi is feeling anxious. She very quickly becomes Octi’s best pal. Chuck was adopted by a beaver family and she’s always felt at home with her parents and siblings.




A super chill penguin – Pen believes that he’s a trend setter, an influencer, cool as ice... but in reality, no one notices him... except for Octi. Octi thinks Pen is cool. They crack each other up. Pen is perpetually trying to hang with or impress Gem and her friends.
Pen is not great at reading social cues. He’s not particularly good at sports and a little shy. Despite thinking he’s a trend setter, Pen doesn’t really like the spotlight. Pen is great at drawing, which is something Octi admires. He is the youngest of several other penguin siblings. 






Dad is a unicorn and a pretty self-involved one, even for unicorns. Dad loves Octi and wants the best for him, but since he’s a unicorn and his life has always been rainbows and flowers — literally — he doesn’t understand his son’s problems. Life and confidence come easy for dad... and in that sense, Octi isn’t exactly like him.




Mom understands that things may be difficult for Octicorn and she can be a little overprotective. With eight arms, it’s hard to let go all the way. Unlike her husband, she doesn’t think Octi needs to fit in a box. She’s a non-conformist!