Production Levi's - The Floor is Yours

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Levi's - The Floor is Yours

For Levi's ad, we embarked on an exciting project that celebrates movement and freedom. In the advertisement, "The Floor is Yours," dancers take center stage to showcase their passion for dance. The concept revolves around a dynamic floor that moves beneath their feet, requiring them to wear harnesses to ensure safety.


Our task was to seamlessly remove the harnesses worn by the dancers around their bodies, ensuring a visually stunning and uninterrupted flow of movement. We needed to generate digital doubles of the dancers' bodies to ensure precise match-moving that followed the camera movements frame by frame. The challenge in this ad lay in perfectly match-moving the dancers amidst numerous camera movements to accurately remove the harnesses.



Client: House of Parliament

S T I M:

CG Supervisor: Jordan Soler
Production Manager: Célésine Giraud
Pipeline Supervisor: Benoit Gielly
CG artist:  Xavier Goubin, Nicolò Terranova, Riccardo Cecchinato, Niels Dervieux, Fabien Taxil, Adrien Thomas, Alvin Arevalo Zamora
Software: Maya, Arnold, Nuke, Mush3D