Production Let’s Make It Sparkle!

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Let’s Make It Sparkle!


The project for Let's Make It Sparkle - Very's Christmas Advert transports us into a wonderfully pinky, fairytale world. To bring this vision to life, we had to design about 15 individual birds, mixing pigeons and flamingos, on which we were in charge of modeling, rigging, lookdev and grooming (the feathers). One of the major challenges was to achieve a perfect balance between the realism of the feathers and a slightly cartoonish look, which was both an artistic and a technical challenge.


Client: Nexus Studios

S T I M:

CG Supervisor: Jordan Soler
Pipeline Supervisor: Benoit Gielly
Production manager: Célésine Giraud
CG artist: Adrien Thomas, Alicia Sabot, Alvin Arevalo, Armen Pamokdjian, Corentin Deschamps, Elina Roux, Fabien Taxil, Max Soreau, Maxime Dermikol, Melissa Armangau, Niels Dervieux, Paul Kupelian, Severin Valran, Elliot Renet, Martin Behem, Sam Bernard
Software: Houdini, Arnold, Maya