Production G-Rex & Friends

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G-Rex & Friends


Gerolsteiner, the mineral water brand, brings G-Rex and his friends Troy Trinkalotosaurus and Sparky Skatosaurus to life. The little prehistoric characters introduce children to drinking water in a playful way. Stim was responsible for modeling, rigging, and lookdev.  

Client: M.A.R.K.13

S T I M:

Lookdev Supervisor: Jordan Soler
Rig Supervisor: Benoit Gielly
Modeling Supervisor: Felix Ferrand
Production manager: Roxanne Forestier
CG artists:  Alicia Sabot, Adrien Thomas, Fabien Taxil, Martin Behem, Armen Pamokdjian, Paul Kupelian, Mathis Ben-el-hadj, Sarah Rivelli 
Software: Maya, Arnold