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Lou’s Adventures

Stim Studio is working on its own production Les Aventures de Lou.

«Lou’s Adventures», is co-written by Félix Ferrand and Alexandre Blain. It is a 3D animated series in French, with 26 episodes of 22 minutes each, combining education and adventure and aimed at 6-10 years old kids.



TV Series




6-10 yo


Education, Adventure 







Lou is a curious primary school student with a vivid imagination. At school, she can’t help getting into every new subject during an immersive daydream.

In the daydream, Tût, her robot toy, comes to life and accompanies her. They both meet a Mentor who guides them. The Mentor can be a dinosaur, an ant, Ramses II, a cloud and so on. The goal of the Mentor is to teach the key concepts of the subject.

The learning takes place in a parallel adventure where Lou, Tût and the Mentor have to help someone, find something or solve a problem. This is how Lou discovers and learns while having fun on an immersive journey.


She asks questions and the Mentor answers her with examples that are illustrated on the screen. At the end of the adventure, Lou and Tût meet a real-world character who calls them back to reality.

Lou and Tût leave the daydream and return to the present with the concepts they have learned. Tût is once again an inanimate toy and Lou comes to her senses.

She has learned her lesson well and continues to ask questions in the real world with equal enthusiasm and curiosity.

Lou, fully engrossed in the lesson, communicates her admiration for the world.




Tût is Lou’s toy. In reality, he is a normal toy. But once in the dream, he comes to life. He certainly does not speak, but he is nevertheless capable of extraordinary things.

He can grow, he can make a propeller come out of his head, he can fly, lie down, and even… dance! He is, in fact, capable of doing everything possible in a dream. Tût is very supportive of Lou on every adventure. He doesn’t hesitate to rescue her if a dinosaur tries to bite her and to lend a hand if there’s something too heavy to carry.

He can also be a great learning support, as his eyes are able to project holograms. Tût is adaptable to any situation, he is a great resource and a fun toy.





Here are some of the characters of the series. 

Lou’s teacher, Lila, is very patient and likes to take the time to go in-depth into each subject, to be sure that every student of the class properly understands. Her strengths are sciences, history and literature. Lila is at the origin of many of the topics discussed. 

Lou’s class is very diverse and original. Each student has different passions and they tell Lou about it with great enthusiasm! Meet some of them: Julie, Laurine and Daniel.


Once in the dream, Lou meets a Mentor who accompanies her throughout the adventure. The Mentor answers the many questions she has and teaches her more about the subject at hand. The Mentor can take many forms depending on the theme. He is not the only character Lou will meet during the dream, but he is the main character with whom she will interact. 

Meet Astronaut Hubert, one of Lou’s mentors. He will accompany Lou on her journey through the Solar System. He will be able to tell her more about the different planets that revolve around the sun.