Production Super Détectives

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Super Détectives






6-11 years old


Adventure, Action, Comedy


The best (and most surprising) investigators of the Citadel :


Emile and Opaline work as investigators in a police station on the Citadel. Emile is very intelligent and loves to invent all kinds of machines. Opaline, on the other hand, is brave and fearless; she is always on the front line when there is action!


No investigation is too tough for our two friends to solve, no matter how complex it is. And to do so, they use a method that is always the same: find clues, follow leads and finally solve the investigation. To reach their goal, our two detectives must also rely on Emile's funny inventions as well as Opaline's (sometimes bold) initiative.


Of course, these investigations are far from easy and ordinary. The clues lead them on tortuous paths where they encounter many pitfalls. 

Our two detectives often find themselves in funny situations, causing accidents and gags. These situations allow the plot to progress until its final resolution.


Péléon and his assistant Hamlet are the main ones responsible for the misadventures of Emile and Opaline. Together, they cover all the crimes committed on the Citadel!


The series alternates between wacky investigations to solve, action at every corner, all in a fantastic world inhabited by animals with strong and unpredictable characters.


What's up? Is the investigation open?







Emile is a talented detective. He loves puzzles and riddles but also to invent and build machines.
He is always excited when he starts a new investigation with Opaline, even if it leads them to the chilling underground... But thanks to Opaline, he regains courage and, together, they always solve the mystery





Opaline is a brilliant detective. Afraid of nothing, she is intelligent and loves adventure and chasing bad guys.
Opaline and Emile are complementary. Alone, they have some difficulties solving a case... They need one another to be at their best