Production Monster Academy

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Monster Academy

At Stim Studio, we aimed to use Unreal for an end-to-end project, staying up to date with the latest technology. The focus was on minimizing the gap between artistic and technical decisions, making real-time features highly valuable for the project.

Discover the project that emerged from it: Drac, son of Dracula and a human, is at the Monster Academy to become a true, great, terrifying monster in his father’s image. Thanks to his human crossbreeding, he brings a little humanity to this school like no other. While his classmates have fun in the screaming, wrestling and torture classes, Drac prefers drama and art classes, but this doesn’t keep them from spending the best years of their lives together.


S T I M:

Art Director: Alexandre Blain

CG Supervisor: Michael Larue
Pipeline Supervisor: Benoit Gielly
Production manager: Roxanne Forestier
CG artists:  Alicia Sabot, Alvin Arevalo Zamora, Armen Pamokdjian, Fabien Taxil, Lucas Thiaffey, Niels Dervieux, Fabien Bernard, Severin Valran, Adrien Thomas, Quentin Thisse, Michael Larue, Max Soreau
Software: Unreal Engine, Maya, Nuke, Davinci Resolve
Music, voices & sound effects: Studio des Aviateurs




Short film


 60 sec




Adventure, Comedy, Animation